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The Usual Route (El Camino de Siempre)

The Usual Route (El Camino de Siempre)


Documentary | 2017 | HD | 1:40 min | ESP |

Julio Sonino

Julio Sonino, Lucía Gaviglio, Virginia Hinze, Gaston Oromi Baroffio

Star: Jorge Nasser

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Uruguayan musician Jorge Nasser travels to Nashville, United States, to participate in an international conference of musicians and authors. On the way he will encounter a series of people and events that will awaken memories and experiences hidden somewhere in the memory. He will also visit emblematic places in Uruguay and Argentina where he spent part of his career and his life. A two side road trip. One to the mecca of American music; the other one, inside a man who carries out his contrasts, his fears and his loves with the help of his music. Thousands of miles with Blues, Country Music and Milonga. From Ottis Redding, to Johnny Cash and Zitarrosa.