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Docu Series | 2016 | HD | 10x55 min | ENG |
Available: Latin America in alliance with Tree Line Distribution

Director: Daniel Landa

Producer: La Competencia - Doc & Road

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A year of adventures in search of the peoples inhabiting the remotest parts of the Pacific.
This is possibly the world's most exotic route, the more visceral. The purpose: to approach the indigenous communities of the Far East and Oceania. The trip will take us from northern Japan to New Zealand, visiting China, Southeast Asia, Borneo, the Philippines, Papua, Australia or the South Seas. The expedition consists of Daniel Landa, an enthusiastic journalist who has been around the world, Paul Vidal, a resigned producer put some sanity and camera equipment, Yeray Martin, who I am and I will tell this story.
This is the plan: three traveling companions, 40,000 kilometers and twelve months ahead. But beyond adventure, Pacific peoples concern us.