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Road to Macau (Ruta a Macau)

Road to Macau (Ruta a Macau)


Sport Documentary | 2016 | HD | 3x30’ | ENG | 
Available: Worldwide

Sean Henshelwood  

Andrés Mora CTVS

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Road to Macau is a 3 x 30 minutes documentary series about the struggle to compete at the Macau Grand Prix .
We followed in Europe and Asia the struggle, passion and sacrifices of Phoenix Racing Team to fit in one of the world most famous and earliest racing events: The Macau Grand prix.
The exuberant footage in this documentary series is result of a unique production effort: A full sports broadcaster solution with equipment and international filming crews stablished around east Asia and Europe.

Road to Macau:
A dream born in Audio Hong Kong
A dream to establish Asia on the international stage in motor sport
Since 2016 that dream became a reality.
Experience the hopes and fears of this thrilling adventure,
Live the high and lows of a sport that can create heroes… and destroy them.