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Before Oblivion (Antes del Olvido)

Before Oblivion (Antes del Olvido)


Drama | 2018 | Digital 4K | 103 min | SPANISH | 
Available: Worldwide

Iria Gómez Concheiro

Juan Pablo Gómez

Leonardo Alonso, Julio Michel Bayón, Rodrigo Cabrera

Production company:
Ciudad Cinema & Chapinero Films Mandragora

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The life of Fermín goes by, divided between his work as a diablero (a heaver who gets paid for carrying merchandise around with a hand truck, known in Mexico as a diablito) and the confinement he lives in within his house. Like him, other families live in a vecindad in the heart of Mexico City, each existing in the self-absorption of their own universes. One day, a company colluded with the government threatens to evict the vecindad tenants in order to build a mall. The tenants are forced to come out of their apathy and come together to defend their homes. Fermín must work with them, thus having to open doors and windows and acknowledging issues he didn’t want to see before.