Biting the Guava (El Mordisco de la Guayaba)

Biting the Guava (El Mordisco de la Guayaba)


Published: 2018

Drama/Comedy with a touch of black humor/Women sage

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With The Bite of Guava, this unique Latin American family’s original sin is born. A sin in the form of a man who will drive four generations of intelligent, educated women crazy.

Upon the birth of Alfonso, the great-grandmother prophesies the tragic fate of the women in his family. Four generations later, Primitiva Serapio, a shy, dull, frightened child succumbs to madness and gives free rein to Mulatona Montiel, her alter ego, a free, voluptuous, irreverent, strong woman. Both coexist in the same body, but one doesn’t hesitate to overtake the other. This is their story. The tale you’d feel like losing your sanity with. A new classic.

"El Mordisco de la guayaba offers both a vivid, delicious irreverent story and an original and incarnated voice. This feminin and feminist saga plays with the codes of the latin-american literature with mischief and derision. You will fall in love with both Primitiva and Mulatona and will not be able to put it down. Bite the guayaba!"
– Claire Do Sêrro, Editorial Director of NiL / Editions Robert Laffont


María Eugenia Mayobre


About the author

María Eugenia Mayobre (1976) was born in Caracas and grew up in Italy, France and Venezuela. She studied Social Communication in Caracas and obtained a Master’s Degree in Communication and Education in Barcelona, Spain. She moved to Boston in 2007, where she earned a Screenwriting Certificate from Emerson College. Her first feature-length script, Not Like Mom won the 2009 Emerson Annual Screenwriting Prize. Her short story Terrorista por Error was chosen to be published as part of a compilation titled: “V Semana de la Joven Narrativa Urbana” (2010). Another of her short stories, Cirilo y el Doctor, was published by the literary journal Label Me Latino/a (2012). Her short story Pero Bueno, Mariana, was selected to be published in the book “Nos Pasamos de la Raya vol.2/We Crossed the Line vol.2”. Her first novel still unpublished is Ese nombre que nunca fui (now titled as Biting the Guava) won the I Bienal de Novela de Ediciones B Venezuela. María Eugenia lives in Boston and works as a producer for a news program broadcasted in Spanish, French, German and Italian.

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