Published: 2017


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His name is not Jeidi, but that's what they say because he lives alone with his grandfather at the tip of the hill. It's 1986, the video clubs are coming to the field and the children see Terminator and go fishing in the estuary. Jeidi seems to live on a parallel planet where he communicates with a strange, capricious God and bad fleas. And what happens with this holy, orphan and not very young girl will change the destiny of her people, or perhaps only her own.

Jeidi, a tragicomic portrait of the Chilean countryside, is Isabel M. Bustos's captivating first novel and reveals an author with a great ear and a refreshing sense of humor, with exquisite expertise in controlling the absurd and a deep understanding of fears and Illusions of his characters.

isabel bustos

Isabel M. Bustos


About the author

Isabel M. Bustos (Chile, 1977) studied Literature, Aesthetics and a master in screenwriting. Isabel had an early blog very famous in Chile  titled ‘Vey Bitch’ and now she works as a screenwriter, publicist and editor. She lives in Santiago and studies Psychology. Jeidi is her debut novel.

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