Under One Roof (La Azotea)

Under One Roof (La Azotea)


Published: 2015


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The World is this house says Clara while she is trying to protect her beloved ones from the world -yes, that one outside their house walls- which seems to threaten them more and more. Clara entrenches herself with her father and her daughter Flor in a dark apartment that inevitably crumbles on them. The roof becomes their last recess of freedom. A caged bird is the only witness of Clara’s fear and resistance against those she thinks are trying to destroy her.

“Are threats and pain external or inside our own bodies? Where is violence´s root? What are we afraid of? Is there a possibility to find a roof to finally being able to breathe? What are our umbilical cords? Fernanda Trías does not answer these questions –impossible for anyone– about instinct, civilization and taboos, but shape them and goes deep with a grotesque and forceful history written with agility and a Kafkaesque sense of humour.”

– Marta Sanz, winner of the Herralde Prize


Fernanda Trías


About the author

Fernanda Trías (Uruguay, 1976) is the author of novels La Azotea, Cuaderno para un solo ojo, La ciudad invencible, and the plaquette El regreso. Additional stories have appeared in anthologies in Germany, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, the US and the UK, including 20/40 (Twenty Latin American Writers under Forty Living in the United States) and Palabras Errantes (Cambridge University’s anthology, Five Uruguayan Women Writers). She was the recipient of the Uruguayan National Literature Award (2002), and the BankBoston Foundation for Uruguayan National Culture Award (2006). Resident at the UNESCO-Aschberg Programme at Camac Centre d’art in 2004, she lived in France for five years. In 2012 she received a full scholarship to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing at New York University. She was one of the “Voices for the New Millennium”, organized by Cornell University in 2013.

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