Cultural Survival (Supervivencia Cultural)

Cultural Survival (Supervivencia Cultural)


Docu Series | 2018 | HD - 4K | 13x52 min + 39 1 ́- 3 ́ micros | SPA - ENG |
Available: Worldwide

Director and Producer:
Hernán Vilchez

Paola Stefani

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A journey to the world ́s ancient communities who still keep alive the heart and spirit of their cultures.
The daily life of the purest and most ancient cultures of the world, through the eyes of the family of one emblematic person in the community: a farmer, a shaman, a tribal leader, a strong mother.
Revealing their traditional knowledge to ensure food, shelter, healthcare, clothing. Sharing with us their particular art, ceremonial life and cosmogony. A brief window to their dreams and hopes for the future, along with the current threats to the identity and territorial integrity of its people.
Staged in the most diverse and stunning geographies, an epic trip to those cultures that exist almost unknown until today: the survivors of the planet ́s ancestral secrets.
Cultural Survival, an audiovisual heritage for the present and future generations.