Peyote - The Messenger (Peyote - El Mensajero)

Peyote - The Messenger (Peyote - El Mensajero)


Documentary 90 minutes

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This documentary is intended to expose the different visions about the scientific study on the use and consumption of peyote, a small cactus that contains high concentration mezcalina - an hallucinogenic alkaloid - and is native to the Chihuahan desert, in an area between the south from Texas and San Luis Potosí in northern Mexico. The threat of extinction due to the destruction of its natural habitat by agribusiness, clearing, toxic mining, agrotoxics, wind projects, and the silent looting of multiple unidentified groups that profit from its sale will be some of the main issues that will be exposed in the current context.

For 90 minutes, we will travel through Mexico and the southern United States with Vasco and Xaureme, two experts and great connoisseurs of everything related to this 'powerful plant’. We will learn about their emotions, experiences, personal stories and intimate thoughts with a first-person account and the goal of looking for answers to universal issues: such as the spiritual world; exile; the questioning of the hegemonic model of development; interculturality; the education of the new generations and the environmental disasters of our time.

The communities and individuals that use these plants acquire an "ecological" awareness, and through it, the recognition that we are no longer alone in the universe and that "everything is our brother."

In Mexico there are several indigenous cultures that have used this cactus, the most emblematic being the Wixárika (or Huichola), which has been using it for more than 5,000 years without interruption, despite the Spanish invasion and acculturation.

In the United States and Canada, Native American Church was granted legal protection for the use of peyote in 1978 for exclusive use in ritual contexts. This religion was created in the late nineteenth century and brings together Native American populations combining traditional aboriginal beliefs with Christians.